Clowns. The great divider. A precipice between laughter and horror. What is it about these floppy- shoed enigmas that garners an almost visceral emotional reaction that ungulates between physical enjoyment and classified phobia. Is it located in the back attic of our childhood memories and somehow equated with the first laughter as absurdity, as a uncontrollable physical manifestation of the “giggle fit” dressed in stripes and a giant red nose? Or is it all just Pennywise’s fault?

You be the judge.

A brief treatise by George Constanza on the dying art of the Clown and the fire that ensues.

Your best friend dies in a car bomb that was meant for you and the guilt is ripping you apart inside. What do you do?If your German, fake your own death and devote yourself to fighting crime dressed in a clown mask.

Tellers at der bank are gonna be confused.

The IT that started it all.

Disturbing clown commercial for the Canadian Icee.

One can only hope he wears the clown suit while he’s refinishing your cabinets.