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Stop motion/motion graphic video for a multimedia course, featuring rockman (megaman) in paper, having epic adventures in the wild world.

Music from Megaman 9 – Concrete Jungle
Rockman 9 and the character Rockman are the property of Capcom.

By Nicolas Ménard
Featuring Charles Farmer

Here is the full version of an animation made by M dot Strange with the 8bit song by zombipnok

“La Robotique c’est fantastique” Check his Youtube profile:

Man’s best friend…decays. In Sirius Remembered, Brakhage documents the gradual dissolution of the corpse of the family dog.

The Very Eye of Night (1958)

Director: Maya Deren.   Assistant director: Harrison Starr III.     Screenplay: Maya Deren.       Music: Teiji Ito.