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Gratuitous Art Films Presents:

EMERGENCY ROOM, a tale of life, death and indecision.

A spellbinding nightmare of love, loss and comas.

A story of hope, compassion and the breaking point of a man’s dignity.

Yes, it has been a full day.

Show opens the 4th and you can check out our video at the screening on May 6th. More gratuitous updates and reminders to come.


Starring and Introduced by Billie Whitelaw

Not I takes place in a pitch black space illuminated only by a single beam of light. This light illuminates an actress’s mouth. The mouth utters a monologue of fragmented, jumbled sentences which gradually coalesces into a narrative about a woman who has suffered an unpleasant experience. The title comes from the character’s repeated insistence that the events she describes did not happen to her.

New from GAF:  An emotional series inspired by those most instinctive passions. Still to come…..FEAR!