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Gratuitous Art Films is currently on hiatus.


Jeff is delving into the murky mind of a mad French Futurist who seeks the ultimate form of artistic expression, armed robbery. See what it’s all about at THAT’S BEAUTIFUL FRANK.

Cat is diving head long in the highly lucrative and profitable world of publishing and curation with The 22 Magazine. Centering around a juxtaposition of artists writers and musicians, The 22 is a happy sailor on the seas of artistic collaboration.

Howdy folks,

Our collab with Ras Moshe heads to Liverpool for the April 27th FESTIVAL OF MOVEMENT ON SCREEN opening! Check it out:

Get your tickets now!

Will be featuring our remix of “The Happiest Day” by Edgar Allen Poe.

PEEPSHOW 2011: It’s Complicated is the fourth edition of Squeaky Wheel’s high-energy fundraising art party and extravaganza, to be held at the DNIPRO Ukrainian Center on Saturday, February 26th, 2011. The event boasts a wide array of entertainment, from curated artist installations, videos, and performances to a fancy art auction and the opportunity for everyone to participate in an evening-long performance of fun while tackling a dense equation of questions, parameters, and answers that yield a deafening blank stare when TMI (Too Much Information!!!) has been revealed. Whether it’s the way that slick-looking minimalist masterpiece runs from a tangled, incomprehensible mess of hidden wires or the reason your lover won’t let you hold their hand in public, we understand – IT’S COMPLICATED!
Artists of all kinds (media, installation, sculpture, performance) were invited to interpret this year’s theme  – an often-apologetic preface when entering hearty deliberations about world politics, globalization or economic policies; a notorious description for defending the inherently complex dynamics of personal relationships, gender, or sexuality; and sometimes the dreaded top notch of a difficulty rating system for various “how-to’s” in the realm of vegan cooking, furniture assembly, or home-improvement. *** Stay tuned for the complete list of over 30 artists and performers that will take over all three floors of the beautiful DNIPRO Ukrainian Center. There will be live music, burlesque troupes, belly dancing and so much more – We can’t wait to share what we have in store for you! ***WHERE IS THE DNIPRO?

The DNIPRO Ukrainian Center is located on the East Side of Buffalo, more specifically, at 562 Genesee Street, Buffalo, NY 14204. Please take a gander at the Google Map, which conveniently has a picture that features the signature green doors of this venue. Speaking of convenience, there is also a parking lot next to this building where you can saddle up your gas-or-hybrid horse!

Tickets will be available starting February 1st at the following locations: Cafe Taza,Sweetness 7Talking Leaves, and online at Tickets are $15 in advance / $20 ($15 for students with a valid ID) at the door, 18+.

Make it a full-on-date night with the Hampton Inn & Suites King Jacuzzi / PEEPSHOW Special, only $99 plus applicable tax!!! The Hampton Inn & Suites® hotel in Buffalo – Downtown, NY – is just minutes from the DNIPRO Ukrainian Center and will make it easy to stay the night. Book your room today by calling 716.855.223 and ask for the PEEPSHOW Block!

No worries! The DNIPRO will offer a variety of Ukrainian foods and bar foods available for purchase. After 10pm, there will be an extra special trip from LLOYD’S TACO TRUCK, (, the first and ONLY taco truck in Buffalo, NY. Who says you can’t have perogies and burritos all in the same night?!!?


DRIVEN. A new one from Gratuitous! See what the drive of determination can create or destroy!

An artist is a creature driven by demons. He doesn’t know why they choose him and he’s usually too busy to wonder why.
~William Faulkner

Howdy folks, we’ll be a part of this show opening this Friday at an old pie factory in Phoenix, AZ. We can only they have whip cream readily available for emergencies. Check it out if you are in the area.

Feb 4, 2011 – Feb 25, 2011
Location: Other
Cost: Free
Opening Reception: Friday, February 4, 5:49–6:16 p.m., 6:19–7:43 p.m., 7:44–8:46 p.m., 8:51–9:01 p.m., 9:05–9:59 p.m., 10:01–10:03 p.m., 10:05–10:07 p.m., 10:09–10:59 p.m.
Closing Reception: Friday, February 18, 6:01–7:31 p.m., 7:37–8:23 p.m., 8:24–9:47 p.m., 9:50–9:54 p.m., 9:55–9:58 p.m., 9:59–10:11 p.m., 10:13–10:20 p.m., 10:24–10:28 p.m., 10:30–10:40 p.m., 10:44–10:45 p.m., 10:48–10:57 p.m.
Hosted in Phoenix’s Bragg’s Pie Factory, Dangerous and Hard to See is a juried group exhibition featuring work of all media, from artists throughout the United States. Curated by Ryan Peter Miller, work in the exhibition questions traditional modes of presentation and function. Through videos, conceptual work, installations, fibers, sculpture and more, participating artists challenge the tropes of gallery exhibition. The exhibition’s aim is to undermine the platitudes of display while acknowledging the system through which commercial art is exhibited.
Artists in the exhibition include William Andrews, Janet Braun-Reinitz, Peter Bugg, Robert Derr, Peter Emerick, Gratuitous Art Productions, Dana Hemenway, Elizabeth Morisette, Aaron Nicholson, Laura Pawson, Evan Pomerantz, Marco Rosichelli, Thomas Sturgill, Dan Szymanowski, Matthew Wilson, and Katherine Worel.
Bragg’s Pie Factory is located at 1301 N.W. Grand Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85007. For more information, become friends with Bragg’s Pie Factory on Facebook.
Show Tilte/Logo, Credit: Ryan Peter Miller

We’ve been some slovenly dullards ourselves lately.

Look for a new take on the blog come this New Year but for the time being, here’s some Christmas cheer from Howard Taft.

We are very pleased that curator Risa Shoup (Former Programming Director of chashama and contributor to the Huffington Post) has chosen GAF for the BRIC featured artist Short List! (Not to be confused with the “short bus” or “the short end of the stick.”) In fact, The Short List is a periodically created list by well-known artists and arts professionals BRIC invites to curate and we appreciate the tip of the hat!

Check it out here:

See the slide show here:

Final Musical Interlude!
An apocalyptic look at bubbles, the destruction they cause and the cities they clean.
Bubble City: Featuring Andy Lachance
“Edgar’s Theme” from The Cabin Sessions by Andy Lachance.
Music and photography by Andy Lachance.
Animated and mixed by Cat Gilbert.

If you missed our other musical interludes, check them all out here!

The Tunnel: Featuring Sxip Shirey

Musical Interlude number 2! Music very kindly lent by harmonica aficionado Sxip Shirey, animation and gratuity provided by Cat Gilbert and some badly abused footage of 1950s volcanoes. Result? Eruption of gratuity!

Original Song:

Original Footage:

After Jeff worked his fingers to the skeletal core on Halloween we’ve given him a little breather to finish up a exciting and long anticipated feature film. However, that doesn’t mean the work doesn’t keep on coming! We’ve got three new pieces featuring some terrific musicians accompanied by our visual interpretations ! First up a goody from Halloween featuring Ras Moshe and others!

Time, that elusive saint, waits for no man and little more for women. Let it tick, you won’t sway it’s stance as it chimes out the eternal hidden noise.

Ras Moshe-Arrangement
Shayna Dulberger-Bass
Dave Ross-Guitar
Charles Downs-Drums

This is a re-imagined Donald Duck cartoon remix constructed using 50 classic Walt Disney animated shorts from the 1930s to 1960s. Donald’s life is turned upside-down by the current economic crisis and he finds himself unemployed and falling behind on his house payments. As his frustration turns into despair Donald discovers a seemingly sympathetic voice coming from his radio named Glenn Beck.

Will Donald’s feelings of disenfranchisement lead him to be persuaded by his radio’s increasingly paranoid and divisive rhetoric? Or will our favorite Disney duck decide that this voice is not actually on his side after all? Watch and find out!

• Listen to Glenn Beck’s response on his radio show to this remix video:
YouTube via –

• Better yet check out ikat381’s remix of Beck’s response using Mickey Mouse:

This transformative remix work constitutes a fair-use of any copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US copyright law. “Right Wing Radio Duck” by Jonathan McIntosh is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 License – permitting non-commercial sharing with attribution.

• Please link back to my website:
• English captions are now working in case you’re not fluent in duck-speak

• Learn about fair-use at the Center for Social Media:
• Learn about transformative works at the OTW:

• Useful Media Matters archive of Glenn Beck clips:
• Partially inspired by Noam Chomsky on the Tea Party:
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Jonathan McIntosh

List of Cartoons used:
• Window Cleaner – 1940
• Lucky Number – 1951
• Symphony Hour – 1942 (Mickey Mouse Cartoon)
• Put-Put Troubles – 1940
• Donald’s Dilemma -1947
• The Autograph Hound – 1939
• Duck for Hire – 1957 (Wonderful World of Color)
• The New Spirit – 1943
• Donald’s Dream Voice – 1948
• Cured Duck – 1945
• Donald and the Gorilla – 1944
• The Volunteer Worker – 1940
• Moving Day – 1936 (Mickey Mouse Cartoon)
• Donald’s Crime – 1945
• Donald’s Cousin Gus – 1939
• Donald’s Nephews – 1938
• Home Defense – 1943
• Donald’s happy Birthday – 1949
• Canine Casanova – 1945 (Pluto cartoon)
• Father’s Day Off – 1953 (Goofy cartoon)
• Mr. Mouse Takes A Trip – 1940 (Mickey Mouse cartoon)
• Donald’s Penguin – 1939
• Daddy Duck – 1948
• Lion Around – 1950
• Der Fuehrer’s Face – 1943
• Self Control – 1938
• How to Be A Sailor – 1944 (Goofy cartoon)
• Duck Pimples – 1945
• The Eyes Have It – 1945
• The Three Caballeros – 1945
• Thru the Mirror – 1936 (Mickey Mouse Cartoon)
• Donald’s Day Off – 1944
• Spare the rod – 1954
• Donald in Mathmagic Land – 1959
• Mickey’s Christmas Carol – 1983 (Mickey Mouse Cartoon)
• Donald’s Double Trouble – 1946
• The Trail of Donald Duck – 1948
• Clown of the Jungle – 1947
• Early to Bed – 1941
• Donald’s Diary – 1954
• Chef Donald – 1941
• Straight Shooters – 1947
• Aquamania – 1961 (Goofy cartoon)
• Golden Eggs – 1941
• No Hunting – 1955

Audio only:
• The Riveter – 1940
• Donald’s Camera – 1941
• Hook, Lion & Sinker – 1950
• Blame It On The Samba – 1948
• A Good Time for A Dime – 1941

Radio Audio:
• The Today Show – NBC (Fat cat’s radio)
• The Alyona Show – RT America (Fat cat’s radio)
• The Glenn Beck Program – Premiere Radio Networks (Donald’s radio)
• Glenn Beck – Fox News Channel (Donald’s radio)
• Glenn Beck – CNN (Donald’s radio)

(less info)