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Man versus nature may sound familiar but like a black jack game in Tallahassee the dealer has nothing on you. This time or the next, or the one soon after, I can tell you are a winner! I smell the chance and there are so many angles to choose from.

Music track provided by Rolan Vega and Andy LaChance

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A small school of mixed catfish are terrorized by surrealist assaults from a villainous red shrimp. No matter where they hide, the shrimps kaleidoscopic traps prove too much for their hubris.


The FINAL installment of our three part saga on emotions.
The bump in the night.
The shiver up your spine.
Pull on your jammies and cuddle round the campfire kiddies for a steaming hot cup of fear.

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Dreamspace is not for the squeamish.

Seriously, if you are don’t watch it.

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dangart21. Dreamspace by Maurice Agis: Inflatable Juggernaut

Inflatable outdoor art piece breaks free from its tethers from extreme winds. The unstoppable yet colorful Dreamspace tramples two women to death and injuring thirteen others.

2. Blue Mustang by Luis Jiménez:  Killing your creator

While working on a haunting sculpture of a nightmarish stag, Luis Jiménez came face to face with his artistic vision for one final moment. Killing your creator is a sure way to have an impact.

3. General Harrison Gray Otis by Paul Troubetskoy: No Parking

We’ve mentioned the unstoppable force, well here is an immovable object. Meet General Harrison Gray Otis: a man who managed to stop a runaway car, killing one and critically injuring three while he was at it.