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Final Musical Interlude!
An apocalyptic look at bubbles, the destruction they cause and the cities they clean.
Bubble City: Featuring Andy Lachance
“Edgar’s Theme” from The Cabin Sessions by Andy Lachance.
Music and photography by Andy Lachance.
Animated and mixed by Cat Gilbert.

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A personal hero to many hard-working New York avant-garde film makers, James Bidgood is a name to be reckoned with. Like fellow filmmaker Jack Smith, Bidgood spent long hours fabricating  spectacular sets in his small apartment. Born and raised in Wisconsin, you would image the limited space would be suffocating but Bidgood bobbed and weaved A-list images that succeeded with the personal camera shots. In 1971 he directed his film Pink Narcissus which, after Jim removed his name due to artistic differences with the editors, was attributed to Andy Warhol for several years.

Pink Narcissus