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Perhaps the strangest episode from the original Outer Limits.

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Sometimes an event of tremendous sincere human communication transcends the moment in which it whirls as a dust devil to become a tornado in the collective minds across the globe. Whether it be a dying journalist using his last ounce of lifeblood to prop his camera into the air, a young man lying determinedly still in the path of an equally determined tank, or Mr. Wong singing Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats” at the Carrie-Oke Contest in Kansas.

This man has been through too much. Too much.

El músico y la muerte (Muzikant a Smrt) de Lubomir Benés.
Checoslovaquia, 1984

Corto extraído del programa Caloi en su tinta. Se emite todos los domingos a las 19hs por canal siete, Argentina.