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The only thing better than assaulting someone over chicken nuggets in a drunken state of rage, is to assault someone over chicken nuggets in a drunken state of rage with the right soundtrack.

We hypothesize that this woman is simply a futurist sound-scape artist who felt her work would read strongest from the deaf cyclopsian eye of a security camera. we salute her by watching this bastardization of her vibrant kinetic art.

The FINAL installment of our three part saga on emotions.
The bump in the night.
The shiver up your spine.
Pull on your jammies and cuddle round the campfire kiddies for a steaming hot cup of fear.

Although it was tad long for youtube you can see the Emotions saga in it’s entirety at:

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New from GAF:  An emotional series inspired by those most instinctive passions. Still to come…..FEAR!